Wise Company 120 Serving Breakfast

Wise Company Freeze Dried Fruit and Gourmet Snack

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The Wise Company 120 Serving Breakfast

is designed as a long term food supply package with a wide range of gourmet meals

which are flavorful and stay fresh for up to 25 years.

It is an ideal package for emergencies, as survival food or be used by groups in a camping mission.

The meals are unique with palate experience and taste great on day to day basis.

This food is packed with high quality materials and in airtight nitrogen packed Mylar pouches.

The encasement is made from durable plastic.

Wise Company 120 Serving Breakfast Features

– Easy Storage.

It is easier to store this package.

This is made possible by the notching done on the containers making it possible to stack them to each other.

After finishing the food, the containers may be used for other functions such as storage or waste management.

– Long lasting.

This meal can be stored for up to 25 years.

This is made possible by the superior packing employed by Wise.

The packing removes the residual oxygen through the nitrogen flushing practice.

– Great taste and easy to prepare.

These are delicious meals which you are sure your family and friends will enjoy.

It is easy to prepare the meals as you are only required to add water.

– Affordable.

This is a readymade meal meant for emergency and disasters.

This explains why it is relatively cheaper as compared to the fast and processed foods.


– Easy to prepare

– Great taste

– Lightweight package

– Quick cook


– Not easy to open

Wise Company 120 Serving Breakfast Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Wise Company 120 Serving Breakfast said, “I really love this package.

It is great and from a reputable company.

I bought this for my daughter who lives at the city in case there is a disaster she would be okay.


The Wise Company 120 Serving Breakfast is one of the best food packages currently on the market.

It is highly rated and this can be attributed to the customer satisfaction.

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