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The Wise Company 1080 Serving Package

is the perfect food solution for people after an easy product to use and need to maximize space.

Wise Packages are meant to be used by one person for a period of

one year with three servings per day.

Packages includes 3 to 12 serving breakfast buckets and 6 to 120 serving entry buckets.

This is a perfect package for an emergency.

These readymade meals are cooked and packed in airtight nitrogen-packed 4 serving mylar pouches.

They are then packed and encased in durable and easy to carry plastic containers.

The unique packaging process is able to remove the excess of the residual oxygen through the nitrogen flushing containers.

Wise Company 1080 Serving Package Features

– Serving Entree Buckets.

This includes 12 servings for savory, 12 servings for three cheese macaroni , pasta alfredo, creamy pasta and many others

– Ready for emergency.

This package is designed for unprepared emergency.

It can be used up to one year by one person.

– Serving Breakfast only bucket.

This includes the apple cinnamon cereal, brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereal.


– Meals ready to eat

– Easy to store

– Good taste

– Buckets are of good quality

Wise Company 1080 Serving Package Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Wise Company 1080 Serving Package said, “These are great meals.

They are quite easy to store with the nice looking stacking containers.

The meals are of high quality and taste great.

This package served me well during the earthquake disaster.”


The Wise Company 1080 Serving Package is the right food solution for emergencies.

The package is easy store and space efficient.

It can be used for many years.

The buckets are of high quality, nice looking and durable.

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