Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls

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Ultimate Survival: A Program Presented by Bear Grylls

Discovery Channel, one of the most-watched cable channels in

America has produced several shows that feature popular science,

geography and history. It has also aired

reality shows and shows

that feature the wilderness, wild animals and

people surviving in the wild.

One of the shows that it has aired in

America is Ultimate Survival.

Ultimate Survival

is a kind of show that features survival skills and techniques.

The show features the wildlife quests of Bear Grylls.

Various episodes show the adventures of Bear Grylls and his

struggle to survive different harsh conditions in remote,

risky but naturally beautiful environments.

Survival Tips

The Ultimate Survival  show has also featured the

survival tips of Bear Grylls

as he ventured onto various terrains and climatic conditions.

Bear Grylls has shown various methods to survive in the deserts,

highlands, rainforests, and remote islands.

He has been to the deserts of Utah and Kenya,

has climbed the Alps and Sierra Nevada and has survived in the

extreme cold in those high mountains and in Alaska.

Bear Grylls

has also managed to survive the natural threats in the

rainforests of Costa Rica and Everglades, Florida.

These rainforests, though natural wonders have been

inhabited by some of the world?s fearsome creatures.

He has also ventured onto the island of Kiluea,

Hawaii and Desert Island.

These islands may seem less than a paradise as they harbor

the toughest terrains and ruthless wildlife on earth.

Almost every episode of Ultimate Survival features

various survival tips that can be applied in a

specific environment. More survival tips of Bear Grylls and

episodes can be learned by watching the

different episodes in the Discovery Channel.

Movie clips of Bear?s adventures can be found in the

website of Discovery Channel.

Edward Michael Grylls or more popularly known as Bear Grylls is a

mountaineer, adventurer, best-selling author,

international motivational speaker and television speaker.

He is an Englishman educated at Eton College and former

member of the British Armed Forces. Bear Grylls has made a career in writing.

He wrote a first book entitled Facing Up which has gone as a best-seller in UK.

The subject of the book is about his expedition in the summit of

Mount Everest at the age of 23.

He is the presenter of the show Man vs. Wild

which began to air in November 10, 2006.

Man vs. Wild is also known as Ultimate Survival show in the

Discovery Channel in the United States.

It is a reality show which is

somewhat similar in format to the show Survivorman.

The series has also been aired in a UK television channel as Born Survivor: Bear Grylls.

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