The Importance of Water Storage

water survival

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water survival

The Importance of Water Storage

Water is one of the basic needs of men and among the most important elements of life.

It is essential for numerous reasons. It is needed for hydration in order to survive.

People have to drink water regularly in order to

replenish the loss of liquid in the body and to quench the thirst.

Water is vital to a human body.

Purified water is needed for optimum health.

It is also used for other important activities of men such as

bathing, cleaning and cooking.

Water can come from rain, stream or through other sources.

Water is brought in homes through water pipes from local water stations.

Homes can store water by using a water storage tank.

Some designs of water storage tank can be used to collect rain water.

A clean, sterilized bottle can be used for water storage.

Containers made of thermoplastic have been invented for water storage.

Since ancient times, people have invented containers from

different materials for the purpose for storing water.

Water storage containers

are important for survival in a wilderness adventure.

A water storage container is one of the few important things

that can be brought by survivalist campers.

A bottle is perhaps the most popular portable form of water storage.

It can be of different designs, materials and shapes.

The Sigg bottle,

a Swiss-made water storage container made from true aluminum is

one of the popular bottles for outdoor activities.

It has been considered by Backpacker Magazine as one of the

toughest water bottles in the world.

The company that produces Sigg bottle was established in Biel,

Switzerland by Ferdinand Sigg in 1908. It used to manufacture

kitchenware and electrical appliances made from aluminum.

However, in 1998, it concentrated on producing aluminum bottles.

The Sigg Bottle is one of the most recognizable brands of

aluminum bottles in Europe.

Though made from aluminum, Sigg bottles can come in many designs.

Various online shops have offered Sigg bottles on their merchandise.

You could find this product along with other outdoor equipment products.

Nalgene bottles and bottles of different brands can also be found in the market.

An oasis is water storage in the desert. A well is a popular form of water

storage where people can obtain water at no cost. Water tank is used to

collect water in homes and in plants. Storing water can be very important

in times of drought and scarcity of water supply. Water is needed for survival.

Although the earth is filled with water, only a certain percentage is suitable for drinking.

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