The City Folk Guide To Wilderness Survival

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The City Folk Guide To Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival is just a matter of keeping your cool, evaluating the situation around you, and then making smart decisions that could potentially save your life.

Wilderness survival is not for the timid but if you are thrust into a position where you are forced to fend for yourself then you want to be prepared to execute the very basics of wilderness survival. With that in mind, this is the city folk guide to wilderness survival and it could help save a life someday.

The first rule of wilderness survival for city folk is to make sure that the hotel you are booked in either offers a complimentary continental breakfast or at least has a fully stocked breakfast buffet every morning.

If you have booked yourself into a hotel that does not offer either the complimentary continental breakfast or the fully stocked breakfast buffet then remember the first rule of wilderness survival and that is to not panic.

All you need to do is to get to a phone and make a reservation at a hotel that offers one or the other breakfast feature. If you will be having a several day stay then offering both breakfast options would be ideal.

Remember do not use the desk phone at the hotel you are currently booked at as that may just seem rude. The second rule of wilderness survival is do not seem rude.


Let?s say you are trying to hail a cab and you cannot hail one. Remember the first rule and do not panic. In a case like this all you need to do is to find a woman with a child, or an elderly person, stand next to them as they hail a cab, and then steal the cab that stops for them.

This is perfectly okay because another cab is destined to pick them up soon and the taxi driver won?t care because he is getting a fare either way.

Besides a little scuffle between a 35 year old ad executive and a 67-year-old lady is always something that brightens a taxi driver?s day and he may just thank you for it.

There is a cardinal rule in the wilderness survival handbook and it states that you should, under no circumstances, use a public restroom for anything other than washing your hands or quick relief.

Any other restroom needs can wait until you reach your home or your hotel room. There are a lot of reasons for this that are pretty much common sense so we don?t need to cover them here.

Just remember this major rule when you are out there surviving and I am sure everything will be all right.

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