Survivor: A Popular Reality Game Show

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Survivor is one of the most popular reality television shows in America and in the world. The show began its original run of its first season in 2000 and has spawned fifteen seasons to date. Additional seasons have also been proposed. The creation of its format was made by Charlie Parsons in 1992. Its format was first adapted in Expedition: Robinson, a Swedish show aired in 1997. Its US version was regarded as the mother of reality television in America.

Survivor is one of the highly-rated television shows in the history of American television. The seasonal shows have been aired in CBS network ever since. It has been dubbed as a reality game show. The winner will be given a million dollar prize while the runner-up will get a hundred thousand dollars. All of the show?s seasons have been hosted by Jeff Probst.

Contestants which are not related to each other are placed in various remote locations. They are called survivors for they are placed in a situation and locations where they have to surpass the various hardships physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially. They are given with a few tools to survive in a seemingly aboriginal condition. This situation depends on a season.

The contestants of the show have to search and cook their food, build shelter, make and maintain a fire and all other things in order to survive with limited resources including clothing. Most episodes feature contestants in beach locations. In other episodes such as Survivor: Australian Outback and Survivor: Africa, the contestants thrive in arid and desert locations. The conditions of the survivors in whatever things they do are caught on camera. The show features the contestants? behavior, their activities, challenges and even their interactions with other contestants with spontaneity.

Survivor is not a typical game show wherein the ultimate winner will receive the prize in just one episode. Normally, contestants of the show which are called survivors may stay for 39 days. The remaining survivors in Survivor: Australian Outback lasted for 42 days. Mostly in each episode, a survivor is outplayed and outwitted by voting him or her out during the tribal council. Different strategies have been applied by the contestants in order to stay in the game.

Each season may have 16 to 20 contestants where the proportionate numbers are disseminated into two tribes during the first few episodes. Other seasons have started in three and four tribes. Dissolution of a tribe or two tribes happens in other seasons. Merge of tribes also occurred during the last half of the show. The winner will be chosen by popular vote among the jury members. These members were once contestants of the game voted out during the merged tribe.

The rules of game of Survivor may alter dramatically. The game rules change each season producing twists to contestants and even to viewers. The twists of the game may have also made the show very interesting to viewers. Nevertheless, reward and immunity challenges, tribe merge, tribal councils have often come in each season.

Survivor is one of the popular shows in the world. It has attracted different viewers around the world. Most of the contestants of the shows have become celebrities.

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