Strike Alert: A Product for Lightning Detection

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Lightning is known to be the leading cause of weather-related deaths. It may look fascinating when strokes of lightning simultaneously appear in an evening sky however it could be severely dangerous when one bolt strikes a person or a certain form of property.

A lightning bolt can kill a person while lightning survivors might experience serious health problems. People in the outdoors, either working or engaging in recreational activities are likely to be hit by a lightning. Fatalities and injuries caused by lightning have reported to occur more in the afternoon.

Moreover, it has been reported that damages caused by lightning strike can cost over 4-5 billion dollars in the United States. It can damage towers and tall erect structures. It can also strike grounds.

Lightning can strike anyone without a warning. The sign of an approaching thunderstorm could be the best indicator that lightning strikes may be encountered. Nevertheless, scientists and inventors formulated processes and technologies that can detect lightning bolt before a strike could occur. One of the inventions is the Strike Alert.

Strike Alert is a product that can be used by people that work outdoors or engaged in outdoor activities. It can detect approaching lightning strikes from a distance of 40 miles.

Strike Alert can come with LED that illuminates when lightning approaches and can produce audible sounds when a strike occurs. A product of Outdoors Technologies, Inc., Strike Alert can come in portable design and with a clip. Two AAA batteries would be needed to power the lightning detector. The alarm sounds that it can create can be heard audibly. It comes with a power button

Strike Alert can be acquired in some online shopping sites such as The lightning detector can be acquired affordably. One may have to check several websites and check for sites that offer the best price.

Lightning is a dangerous thing. Lightning strikes can cause severe injuries and fatalities. It may be hard for someone to instantly know an approaching lightning strike as it can hit someone or something without a caution. Staying indoors may be a good way to prevent oneself from a lightning strike. However, some people would often stay outdoors. To help these people from the dangers of lightning bolts, it would be helpful to use a lightning detector.

Strike Alert is one of the products used to detect lightning at a distance. It is a thing that can help people in the go for outdoor adventure.

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