It Is Addicting To Go Hiking In Colorado

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If you are an avid hiker, or even a casual hiker that likes to get out into the great outdoors once in a while, then you have to go hiking in Colorado. Obviously, the main reason to check out hiking in Colorado is the scenery offered by the Rocky Mountains but descriptions of that scenery could take up volumes and volumes of books. We don?t have that kind of time so summaries of hiking in Colorado are going to have to suffice. Even the summaries should be more than enough to convince you that hiking in Colorado is something you have to do at least once in your life.

In the flight to the West Coast you always pass over the Rocky Mountains and even from the air, tens of thousands of feet off the ground, the Rocky Mountains are an impressive sight. Hiking in Colorado brings you right up close to all of that beauty and lets you take it all in for as long as you would like. The air in the Rocky Mountains is fresh and free from the choking smog of the cities and even though the air can get a little thin the higher up you go it is still better than any air you will take into your lungs while running around the city.

Water So Clear

While hiking in Colorado you will see lakes so clean and clear that on calm days they look like perfect sheets of glass that you can just walk on. There is something liberating about sitting next to a lake or stream and being able to see the fish and other animals living and moving around in the water as opposed to seeing polluted water and dead fish provided you can see anything in the water at all that is in the city lakes and streams. Hiking in Colorado allows you to see the marine life as it was meant to be seen and allows you to see and touch water that is so pure that you could bottle it and sell it as some companies do!

Don?t forget about the perfectly preserved wilderness in Colorado that allows you to take in nature as it was intended to be taken in. No cages and no elephant house as this is no zoo. This is the real thing and the animals you see are all permanent residents. So take it all in when you are in Colorado and enjoy because there are few places like Colorado in the entire world.

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