I?m Going Hiking With The Video Camera

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Before you set out to go hiking you need to know some facts that just may save your life or make you a very rich person. When you go hiking take your video camera because back in the 1990?s these three college students took their camera hiking with them and they made a fortune with the video they shot. I have no idea what the fascination was but the film made hundreds of millions of dollars at it only cost the price of a video camera to shoot.

It is a known fact that if you are ever going to be abducted by aliens or come face to face with Bigfoot you are more apt to do so hiking than any other time. Just another reason to take your video camera with you because everyone else that gets abducted by aliens, or runs into Bigfoot, seems to forget their video camera and all they are left with is a hiking story that nobody believes.

So in order to add credibility to your story you need video to go along with it. Reminds me of a video of another hiking trip but this was four guys canoeing down a river playing the guitar while some weird looking kid played banjo and, well, that didn?t end too well either.

For God?s Sake Take A Flare Gun

In all of the stories we have ever heard about someone getting lost hiking have you ever heard anyone have the common sense to bring a flare gun with them? Even after scores of people still get lost hiking every year people still do not take a flare gun with them when they head out into the woods. My advice to you is to take a flare gun with you so you have it when you need to signal for help and to ward off the aliens that landed in the woods next to your tent and are now trying to abduct you.

Always bring clean underwear with you hiking. Don?t ask why, just trust me on this one and it isn?t for the reason you may think it is for. In short you should always be prepared when you get ready to venture out into the great outdoors and remember that there is never any such thing as a rifle that is too big when you are face to face with an angry bear out there in the wilderness.

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