Hiking The Grand Canyon A Grand Adventure

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Thinking about hiking The Grand Canyon? Well, you?re not the only one. There are a huge pile of resources specifically for anyone who wants to plan and survive hiking The Grand Canyon. It?s amazing how much money The Grand Canyon makes, so there is a big interest in helping you out with a grand adventure. It?s also amazing how well known The Grand Canyon is around the world. When I lived in England, I was constantly asked if I saw the Grand Canyon. I lived on the East Coast, so it was hard to explain that the Grand Canyon was not in the neighborhood. They never liked my answer. Perhaps I should?ve just lied and told them all about my hiking the Grand Canyon adventure that never happened.


In case I ever do get to go hiking the Grand Canyon, I?d do some checking it out before hopping on the plane. There are many books, magazine articles and, of course, web sites devoted to the Grand Canyon, and specifically hiking The Grand Canyon. These sites include GrandCanyonHiker.com, DesertUSA.com and the official site of The Grand Canyon National Park. I?d have to also be honest about my physical condition to be sure I could handle hiking The Grand Canyon.

You need to plan where you are going to hike. You might need permits, like in the Back Country, or if you want to stay overnight. There is a basic fee of $10, then on top of that is a $5 per person per night fee. So, if I want camping and hiking the Grand Canyon as part of my vacation, I?d have to schedule and pay a fee of $45. You can get these permit applications from the mail, phone or by Internet.


You don?t need a permit if you plan to just hike during the day. You do certainly need to get a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or boots. Break them in at least a month before hiking the Grand Canyon, to save your feet. You also need to expect the weather to fluctuate, especially if you are going in the off-peak season of spring and early autumn. Wear layers of clothing to peel off as you heat up. If you are hiking the Grand Canyon alone, let someone who isn?t know your game plan. If you don?t call someone back home by a certain time, then they know you are in trouble and can call the authorities.

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