Have a Grand Old Time Hiking at the Grand Canyon

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There are many places around the world that are ideal for hiking; however, few can say that some of the most breathtaking trails are in their own backyard! Hiking in the Grand Canyon is a very popular activity that many Americans pursue. In fact, it is a popular destination for world travelers as well. Prepare for a challenging but rewarding experience when you hike through the Grand Canyon.

About the Grand Canyon

What is so great about the Grand Canyon anyway? Well, the Grand Canyon is part of Grand Canyon National Park, which is over 1.2 million acres large. Mostly comprised of desert, the park is home to many plants and animals that are adapted to desert survival. These unique species are one of the many reasons that hikers are attracted to the Grand Canyon.

Hikers also have the opportunity to cross the Colorado River, which crosses the Grand Canyon. The canyon?s cliffs are at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet; the views from these heights are awe-inspiring.

Day vs. Night

There are two main options when it comes to hiking in the Grand Canyon: day hiking and night hiking. In order to go night hiking in the Grand Canyon, an overnight permit is required. This permit allows the hiker to essentially camp in the Grand Canyon in order to complete a lengthy hike. This option is ideal for advanced hikers.

However, for those who are unable to acquire a permit (or for those who simply aren?t up to the challenge of a night hike), day hiking is just as worthwhile. A permit for day hiking is not required, and this is considered a safer option.

Happy Trails

The trails in the Grand Canyon are different and more challenging than anything else that most hikers have ever experienced. None of the trails in the Grand Canyon are considered to be easy. There are sixteen distinct trails that lead hikers through the inner canyons, and there are many other more obscure routes as well. It is also possible to reach the bottom of the canyon on these trails.

Planning Ahead

The ideal time of year to go hiking in the Grand Canyon is during the spring and fall. Many of the rescues done by the National Park Service are heat-related, so make sure that you go during a time of the year (and a time of the day) that is not too hot. It is also recommended that hikers spend at least two days in the Grand Canyon to allow for a leisurely hike.

No Limits on Fun

Hiking in the Grand Canyon is an amazing experience. However, make sure to know what your limits are before you go hiking. This will ensure that your enjoyment will be virtually limitless!

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