Family Plan for a Disaster

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Nobody can exercise control over the occurrence of disasters. A hazard does not discriminate against anyone; it hits the poor just as badly as it strikes the rich. Therefore, all individuals who suspect the onset of a disaster must do something to acquire safety against it. A family disaster plan is a great start to reducing the chaos that occurs when an unfortunate event transpires. Planning in advance is the key to reduced damage, greater safety and a better management of disasters, be it natural or man-made.
Start By Getting Knowledge
The first step to creating such a plan is the acquisition of complete knowledge regarding all disasters that could occur in your area. To obtain thorough information regarding these
disasters, you can always arrange a meeting with a representative of the Red Cross to get your queries answered. You can ask the representative questions that you have in mind regarding disasters that your area will mostly likely be affected by. Information can be attained about the safest ways to deal with these disasters. Moreover, you can get a briefing on the warning signals common to your community, learn how to treat your pets once the hazard has passed and gain comprehensive knowledge about any additional help that the elderly at your place might need.
Getting Started With a Disaster Plan
Once you have received sufficient information, you can meet up with all the members of your family to explain the need for a family disaster plan.
The next step is to chalk out all the tasks that need to be performed in order to minimize the damage caused by different disasters. You must first decide on a place where all members of your family are to gather in case of a disaster and establish contact with an individual who belongs to a different region that is not likely to be affected by the disasters in question. All members of the family must commit the contact number to memory for communication purposes.
Make a Checklist
A checklist containing important activities of the family disaster plan should be created to ensure that all tasks are carried out well before time. The posting of emergency contact numbers, such as those of the fire department and the police, must be carried out so that prompt help can be received in an emergency situation.
It is important to teach children what to do when a disaster occurs. For example, children must know who to call and what to say if a disaster occurs. Moreover, the best paths to evacuate the home must be determined so that there is no confusion in case of emergency.
Your house must have certain ‘safe spots’ where the family can gather for safety. All members of the family must know how to regulate the gas, electricity and water supply. The same goes for all the major electrical switches in the house. The importance of smoke detectors in helping to mitigate the situation if a fire ensues cannot be underestimated. Therefore, it is highly important for your house to have an adequate number of smoke detectors.
Without the execution of these tasks, the success of a family disaster plan cannot be guaranteed. Hence, it is important to carry out all these activities in advance to avoid chaos and confusion when the need for a solid plan arises.

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