Emergency Preparedness Training for School People

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Emergency preparedness training may be something that you only take for granted. In fact, during emergency situations, your only concern probably would be your own safety. Well, that is the case in ordinary work places, but how about in public places like hospitals, government offices and agencies, public transport systems and terminals, department stores? What about schools, where children?s lives are at stake?

Well, this is something that school officials must never take for granted. Emergency preparedness training is one of the school?s best armories against undesirable occurrences of emergency situations. Emergency preparedness training goes beyond the normal fire drill activities and emergency orientations. It involves training of the school staff, the security personnel and even the school instructors. In fact, the teachers are expected to be the student?s first emergency preparedness trainer.

If you are the administrator of your school, a teacher, an administrative staff, or a plain employee who considers emergency preparedness an important part of safety planning, then you must call the attention of the organization into a meeting. A discussion about emergency preparedness training involves several aspects that is why a meeting with all the members of the school must be held.

To help you and your school be equipped with not just knowledge but also skills in responding to emergency situations, you may seek help from various government agencies and non government emergency units like the America Red Cross. A representative from any of these institutions is well versed in emergency preparedness training and has already experienced dealing with emergencies such as fire, earthquake, flood, tornado and hurricane.

It is always very imperative to consider the financial preparedness in case of emergencies. That is why during seminars and lectures conducted by American Red Cross and other emergency units, monetary allocation must be met in order to fully support emergency preparedness. This budget will cover materials to be used in emergencies like medicines, first aid kits and food. Remember that intrusion is part of emergency situations, and students could be stuck for days inside the building. Your school must have an ample supply of water, food and sleep accommodations.

Part of emergency preparedness training for your school staff is to make a complete list of student names and their emergency contacts. And it also helps to learn CPR and psychological aid techniques to help keep the children still and calm. Emergency preparedness training indeed is helpful because during times of emergencies in school, it is the school staff who is expected to be in the front line.

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