Emergency Preparedness Items: Earthquake Survival Kit

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Emergency preparedness items have become a staple supply in many homes in the United States. Many home owners have now realized the importance of getting prepared for the worse times and as they always say, better be safe than sorry. You have gathered in your customized bag all necessary emergency preparedness items: flashlights, matches, food, water, radio, medicine, blankets, tools, keys and cash. But what if something?s missing or lacking in your emergency preparedness items? What if you are living in an earthquake-prone region? Are your items considered to be a good earthquake survival kit?

Although occurrences of earthquakes are not unexpected, quakes however are extremely unpredictable. Earthquakes may happen when you are very prepared or worse least prepared. Quakes may happen in the middle of the night when your family is sound asleep. So it?s really helpful gather emergency preparedness items that are good earthquake survival supplies. It?s actually easy to make your own earthquake survival kit. Just follow these simple steps.

The first thing you need to do is to gather these earthquake emergency preparedness items: camp stove or camp grill, fire extinguisher, money, thick and durable shoes, extra light clothings, blankets, hand cranked radio or hand powered radio, extra batteries, or solar powered batteries, first aid kit, disinfectant, perception medicines, baby formulas, can opener, water, water purifying solution, canned good, dried vegetables, dried fruits, flashlights, crescent wrench and storage container.

The next thing you need to do is put all these earthquake survival items in a durable but easy to carry bin. It should be spacious enough but compact so it can fit inside the car?s trunk or can be carried by two people. The crescent wrench is extra helpful especially in fixing the gas or water pipes. Each member of the family must have a flashlight and extra set of batteries.

Canned goods may probably add more weight or eat more space inside the bin. But you have to take note that you can not store foods that are perishable. Preserved or processed may only be your option, but do not forget to include even preserved or dried vegetables. Water must also be adequate. Food supplies must be sufficient for your family for three days.

Putting extra cash, bills or coins inside the bin is also helpful. Since electricity is out during earthquakes, ATMs will be of no use. And finally, always keep your earthquake survival emergency preparedness items updated and stored properly.

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