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Florida, the state where golden beaches brilliantly shine and flocked by people, where different cultures collide and where economic growth never ceases. But Florida, as flourishing at its name, is also a target of threats in diverse forms. Situated at the South Eastern part of the continental United States, it is frequently visited by atmospheric disturbances. And with a blossoming economy, man-made disasters and technological failure are also threatening organizations.

It is in this light that the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association was formed. The Florida Emergency Preparedness Association is the brain child of established emergency preparedness professionals in the State with the aim of enhancing emergency and disaster management programs serving sixty seven counties. It also takes effort in protecting and preserving the quality and security of living for sixteen million residents in the State of Florida.

The Florida Emergency Preparedness Association or FEPA partners with two reputable emergency management agencies in the state. Along with the DEM or Florida Division of Emergency Management and FEMA or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEPA creates and motivates preparation training, response plan, recovery planning and reduce the damages brought about by technological and natural disasters.

According to the mission statement of the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association, the organization serves as the provider of support and information network between emergency partners in the federal government, state, county and municipal levels and the country emergency managers. The Association operates with five objectives: to ensure responsibility in disseminating information and coordination between private organizations and volunteers, to uphold stable organizational structure, to assist industries, churches, government and business establish and maintain their emergency preparedness programs, to give review on regulation and proposed legislation and to establish credible information exchange within the State of Florida.

The Florida Emergency Preparedness Association is comprised of members from different sectors: representatives of military, educational, commercial, volunteer, industrial and non profit organizations, emergency management professionals, emergency response units, fire department, police and local government emergency agencies.

There are fees and membership eligibility requirements to be met if your company wishes to join the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association. Membership moreover is classified into two: regular membership and institutional membership. Regular members are those individuals with good qualifications and are paying $75 annually. Meanwhile, institutional members are those who hold important seats in the Association. For details on membership, you may log on to the FEPA website or better yet visit their headquarters in the Shannon Lakes North, Tallahassee, Florida.

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