Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit

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Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit

The Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit,

is designed and equipped for hunting missions.

It can be used by a medium-sized group out for hunting up to a week.

It is able to prove itself when the trips take you to unfamiliar places.

The kit is fully stocked with various supplies that treat serious injuries when one is far from medical care.

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With this kit you are safe even when you are far from the hospital.

The kit equips the user with days trips far from the base camp, and supplies like petrolatum gauze and triangular bandages.

Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit Features

– Irrigation syringe.

With this tool plus the wound closure strips those close and clean wounds.

– Hospital-quality tools.

The kit comes with various tools such as EMT shears and precision forceps that set up the standard for backcountry medical care.

– Trauma pads.

The kit comes with elastic wraps and trauma pads that control life-threatening bleeding.

This ensures that your life is safe.

– Durable.

This is a long lasting kit designed for many years of use.

The bag is made from tough and durable materials that are waterproof.


– Easy to access

– Adequate storage

– Standard

– Wide array of medications

– Well compact

– Water resistant

Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit said, “This kit comes with a variety of supplies that make it the best first aid kit.

I have used it for three camping trips and I am really glad for my purchase.

I have always been looking into something I can throw into my car.”


The Adventure Medical Kits Hunter Kit is a durable and lightweight loaded with excellent features.

It is ideal for outfitters, guides and enthusiasts that are after a smaller version of an Outfitter.

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